A-Gents on Kickstarter

A-Gents on Kickstarter

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A-Gents is a pixel art shooter, which is inspired by the genre’s classics, like “Commando”, “Cannon Fodder”, “Desert strike” or “Jackal”. We also had in mind some TV shows, like “Archer” or “The man from U.N.C.L.E”.

A-Gents is the organization of highly trained operatives, mercenaries and bounty hunters. Their theater of operations – the whole world, wherever our main characters can storm the compounds of contraband dealers and smugglers, release captured agents and VIPs, and, of course, collect goodies for themselves.

The main characters are Sean Shean, mister “do it all”, and Emma Sicks, miss “do it all properly”.

The game will utilize four-direction movement, with the strafe option. It will have full controller support. Multiplayer (split screen and network) is also planned.

Single player missions would consist of standard treats – clear your way through loads of enemies, release captured people, drive various vehicles like jeep, chopper, tank or plane, eliminate or protect certain persons.

In the single player mode you can play like Sean or Emma. Some missions will be character specific, and in some of them you would be able to choose between the two. Multiplayer would include deathmatch, capture the flag and “bomberman” modes. Aside from Sean and Emma, you would be able to control several other characters in multiplayer.

Although the game resembles the shooters from 8-bit era, it does provide satisfying number of weapons, which are divided in three categories: – basic weapons (knife, guns, rpg, flamethrower) – hand grenades – special weapons, which are assigned depending on mission (sniper, dynamite…) As mentioned above, there will be several vehicles player can control.

In order to implement multiplayer and port the game to XBox One and Playstation 4, we need additional funds so we can hire developers, voice-over artists, and to acquire XBox One and Playstation 4 SDKs.

The initial amount of money (3000$) will be used for single player game, and Kickstarter fees. That includes some basic costs and voice-over artist. The game will have PC, Mac and Linux versions.

Stretch goals:

  • 5000$ multiplayer and iOs/Android ports
  • 7000$ X-Box One and PS4 version

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