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Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident

Immerse into amazing adventure while discovering the exciting scenes of your favorite movie in the cinematic attraction called Showing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident.

Flap For Life

Cute parrot Polly is in trouble!

Dale Hardshovel HD

Do you love puzzles with dropping, pushing and connecting artifacts ?

Ziggy Putts

Ziggy the hedgehog is living his interesting life on a golf course trying to putt a golf ball before the human golf players do.


Prank your friends or test your reflexes in Fingrrr!

Dragon Fall


A-Gents on Kickstarter

A-Gents on Kickstarter

A-Gents is a pixel art shooter, which is inspired by the genre’s classics, like “Commando”, “Cannon Fodder”, “Desert strike” or “Jackal”. We also had in mind some TV shows, like “Archer” or “The... read more

Woohoo! – Dale Hardshovel HD on Steam soon

After few months Dale Hardshovel HD has been Greenlit ! Thanks you all for voting for us – and stay tuned for a brand new Steam build of the game with all the new features that we had implementing while waiting for this moment .. 🙂... read more

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